Soak and Step


After a long day experience wellness and calm to your body Iike never before, soak with our award winning bath salts and relax and moisturize your feet with our Heel Stick!

 Milk and Rose Salt Soak

What it is: A foaming goat milk and rose bath soak that makes the perfect addition to your bathtime ritual.

What it does: It contains both Epsom and Himalayan salts to help you achieve calm.

Our foaming goat milk and rose salt soak is perfect for your luxurious bath ritual to relax and soothe the day away. Luxurious goat milk join forces with Epsom and Himalayan salts to give you calm like you've never felt before. You will relax your muscles as well as nourish your skin and goat milk will bring back moisture.

Heel Stick

 What it is: A no-mess, peppermint-scented heel balm.

What it does: This balm is designed to be applied onto your feet prior to busy periods of standing or movement or while wearing your favorite heels.

You can now wear those sexy heels you couldn’t wear because they felt too tight and uncomfortable. This high potency no mess stick will not get your hands dirty through application because there is no need to ever touch it. Simply rub it on your feet, continue your beauty routine, and put on your favorite heels. The Heel Stick conveniently fits in your purse, and you won’t want to leave home without it!