Get Up and Glow


Get ready for a night on the town by applying the Heel Stick on your heels and feet and applying the Bath and Body Oil on your body for that dewy glow! 

Bundle Includes: Heel Stick and Bath and Body Oil

What it is: A no-mess, peppermint-scented heel balm.

What it does: This balm is designed to be applied onto your feet prior to busy periods of standing or movement or while wearing your favorite heels.

You can now wear those sexy heels you couldn’t wear because they felt too tight and uncomfortable. This high potency no mess stick will not get your hands dirty through application because there is no need to ever touch it. Simply rub it on your feet, continue your beauty routine, and put on your favorite heels. The Heel Stick conveniently fits in your purse, and you won’t want to leave home without it!

What it is: A dual-purpose bath and body oil to help provide glow and whole body relief.

What it does: It features a calming blend of natural oils including grapeseed, avocado, sweet almond, safflower and sesame. The oil also contains vitamin E to help defend skin from aging and lock in moisture.

Our Bath and Body Oil is a dual purpose relaxing and soothing oil perfect for whole-body relief. We have blended calming, restorative, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant rich Vitamin E with the finest natural oils. A lush, skin-enhancing way to unwind from a hectic day, B&B Oil is utterly relaxing and soothing – the perfect hard-working, multi-tasking oil for all-over body and skin relief.